Addressing the Metal Supply Shortage – ADM Provides On-going Aluminum and Steel Services During a Force Majeure

Apr 20, 2021Company News, Metal Shortage

State of the Metal Industry

We are completely aware that many metal manufacturing mills and processing facilities have been expressing a strain on their aluminum, steel, and raw material supplies due to the ongoing metal shortage.

There are many underlying factors that have affected their ability to obtain materials and keep up with the growing demand for metal production. Factors like worldwide COVID-19 related business shutdowns, slower imports, and reduced number of worksite capacity all have created the ongoing shortage and economic downturn we are facing today.

This industrial strain is also being felt around the world as many are looking to import supplies in order to meet the demand by other industries that are experiencing similar shortages such as technology, aerospace, automotive, energy, and so on.

Though import activity is increasing, many North American metal manufacturing mills are facing long delivery times for offshore purchases resulting in many companies unable to receive finished products until the 3rd or 4th quarter of the fiscal year.

Despite their inabilities to obtain aluminum or other metals until the following quarter, the prices on domestic steel items have risen more than 160% since last August. There are a high number of companies that are researching and speaking with mills and production facilities to no avail.


Your Metal Solutions Company

Our team of experts offers more than customer support – their level of service will surpass a simple automated voice service. Our team understands and is empathetic towards any roadblocks you may be facing during this critical time.

They are experts with a deep knowledge base of the ongoing market and material on hand to best suit your needs. Our team will provide insights on how to meet the demand while offering other services to help your business.


We Are Ready To Answer Your Questions

American Douglas Metals Building

ADM is more than willing to assist any potential and returning clients with any services needed on their product orders. We are in constant contact with our vendors to ensure a reliable source of aluminum, steel, and metal products and competitive pricing are available.

During this critical shortage with prices skyrocketing, we want our customers to know that we are working to get your orders processed as quickly and efficiently as possible.  In a market of scarcity, we provide flexible manufacturing services and timely distribution to get your essential metals to you or on-site.

We are currently conducting research and observing the current industry markets to do all that we can to provide the proper resources needed to our clients. We are also reviewing industry resources and offering various alternative metalworking services to our clients during this time. We are in constant communication to maintain the metal supply needed to process placed orders.

We are ready to assist you with all inquiries and are always here to partner with you. Call 1-800-432-3423

Due to the current market, ADM is offering alternative metalworking services
to assist with your project needs.


Contact an ADM Team Member for Further Assistance.

High-Quality Metal Production

At ADM, we offer a wide range of premier metal services for a variety of aluminum and steel products. From stock shapes to custom cut pieces and a state-of-the-art metal processing facility, we offer our partners and customers an all-in-one metalworking shop. Discover our products and services for metal manufacturing.

About American Douglas Metals

American Douglas Metals (ADM) was established in 1976 in Buffalo, NY by Dwight Hanny and Stephen Powers. They began offering aluminum products to companies large and small that were neglected by the diminishing distribution markets in the Western New York area. Today, ADM is a third-generation, family-owned, and operated organization with offices, metal processing facilities, and metal warehousing centers in more than 11 cities throughout the East Coast.