Custom aluminum extrusions are an integral element in the structural design of industrial and manufacturing products. Through a process where a cross-section is designed and then pushed through a die, aluminum extrusion profiles can be fabricated using specific tolerances, sizes, and shapes to fit your project needs.

 Our full-service metal center enables us to produce, fabricate, stock, and ship custom aluminum extrusion profiles in a variety of formats, including:

  • 6000 Series
  • Mill Finish
  • Painted
  • Powder Coated
  • Anodized
  • Small Shapes
  • Up to 28″ Wide Rectangular
  • Up to 20″ Wide Round
  • Cut-to-Length

American Douglas Metals (ADM) has been fabricating and processing custom aluminum extrusions since 1976, exceeding our customers’ needs in diverse industries and markets that require exceptional precision and quality in their products. As industry leaders, we produce custom aluminum extrusions according to your precise specification whether you need raw, semi-finished, or completed profiles.



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600 Series Aluminum

6000 Series aluminum contains added manganese and silicon. This combination of elements allows the alloy to be solution heat-treated which improves the alloy’s strength. Used extensively in welding fabrication, the alloys are supplied in bars, sheets, and extrusions.

Mill Finish

Mill Finish is the natural appearance of the aluminum material as it comes from the rolling mill or the extrusion mill. It is “as is” with no external mechanical or chemical finishing. Extruded metal is considered a “mill finish”. All aluminum has an oxide of varying thickness.


Painted finishes offer extreme durability in outdoor exposure as well as indoors because of our high-quality paint system.  Pre-painted aluminum sheet finishes are uniquely designed in that they provide a hard, abrasive resistant coating, yet allow the flexibility for extensive forming and fabricating on an extrusion.

Powder Coated

Powder-coated finishes provide durability and a protective layer against moisture, scratches, and knocks.  In addition, powder coating adds a decorative color and texture to aluminum extrusions.  At ADM we have a range of bright hues and unique textures for your aluminum application.  Powder coating has the added benefit of being more environmentally friendly than liquid paint, which is an important factor to consider.


Colors – Red, Grey, Black, Silver, Blue


Anodized aluminum is processed into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish.  This process fully integrates with aluminum so it cannot peel or chip.  It has a highly ordered, porous structure that allows for secondary processes such as coloring and sealing on aluminum extrusion parts.  

Small Shapes

We offer a variety of small extrusion profiles for construction, architectural, and design applications.  Over the years we have created a customer-centric process to address extrusion needs across multiple channels and industries.  Talk to our team about your aluminum extrusion project.

Shapes we offer for Aluminum Extrusion

Cut-to-Length Aluminum Profiles

Cut-to-length aluminum material can be custom-made to your manufacturing specifications.  Our state-of-the-art service center offers drilling, tapping, notching, milling, and cutting for all extrusion projects – no matter the specifications.  We streamline the entire metalworking process for you and deliver your extrusion project to you in a quicker time than average metal shops on the market.  Our service center is an all-in-one shop, cutting out the need for multiple points of sale from middlemen.  We design custom metal and aluminum for you.  Simple. Straightforward. Streamlined- Find what you’re looking for with ADM.



You specify and we can purchase paint at a wholesale rate-cutting time and saving you money in the process.