Mar 19, 2022Aluminum Extrusions, Metal Working

Making a significant visual impact can come down to the smallest details.  To really make your project pop, you need to highlight its quality by making it appear as flawless as it performs with decorative trim pieces.  Aluminum is one of the most customizable metals on the market today; the metal is light, and there’s no end to the textures, colors, and effects you can achieve with it.  Whether you’re sprucing up a lamp, a car, or even doing some home improvement, aluminum is the best choice for you.

By utilizing aluminum extrusion, we at ADM can create trims of any lengths, shapes, or designs to fit your needs.  Aluminum extrusion is our specialty, and we have a large inventory of molding dies for you to choose from.

Minimal Upkeep

Decorative additions need to look great without constant upkeep.  The last thing you want to do is add additional time and expense just to maintain an appearance.  With wood, you need to book time to treat it and reapply protective layers, because if you don’t, its appearance will dull.  Worse, if the trim is located outside, it’ll eventually rot.

Aluminum doesn’t suffer the same pitfalls.  Depending on whether the trim will be spending time outside, it may not even require treatments to maintain its appearance.  Aluminum edge trim is remarkably resistant to weathering of all kinds, be it scratching, rusting, or denting.

Weather the Outside Elements

When choosing a material to enhance the appearance of a building, for example, you need to take weather resistance into account.  Wood needs to be treated, and plastics can deteriorate when exposed to water over several days.

Incapable of rotting or rusting, aluminum is perfectly suited to outdoor use.  With an additional anodizing layer, moisture of any kind is powerless to affect it.  Whether it’s drizzling or storming, you can rest assured that your trim will be just as fresh as when you first installed it.


When people think of durable metals, aluminum generally does not come to mind.  Because everyone uses aluminum foil, it gives the metal an unearned reputation for being a weaker material.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Aluminum comes in several different gauges, some rivaling the strength of steel.  In the industrial sector, aluminum is used extensively in creating cars, trains, and airplanes.  It’s far more robust than most materials on the market today, so if you need a decorative piece that’s particularly tough, we’ve got you covered.

Highly customizable

Having access to options makes the creative process so much easier. As one of the most customizable metals on the market, aluminum can be changed to fit your specific needs.  Better yet, the visual enhancements increase the resistance and durability of aluminum as well!

We offer finishes that change the metal’s color, increase its resistance to water, as well as embossing services to create unique visual textures.


Finishes provide one of two functions, to provide a different appearance, and enhance the durability of the metal to specific circumstances.  Aluminum is naturally reflective and sleek, giving it an appearance most people find appealing.  But if shiny and grey isn’t the look you’re going for, you have options.  There are two ways to enhance the color of a metal, and those are Paint, or Powder Coating.  In addition, hardening your trim’s defense against rainy weather will keep your metal’s appearance looking fresh for years to come.

Paint – Incredibly durable and rich in color, our high-quality paint is resistant to both outdoor and indoor exposure.(Image of power coated aluminum)Powder Coated – More environmentally friendly than paint and protects against scratches, moisture, and knocks.(Image of anodized aluminum)Anodized – A special protective layer, and our most popular.  We machine the anodized coating into the aluminum, fully integrating the two so the layer cannot chip or peel.  This layer fully protects your aluminum from the rain, but doesn’t color it like the paint or powder coating.


Not only can you change aluminum’s color, but if sleek and flat isn’t what you’re looking for, you can emboss your trim with a design to make it stand out further.  To emboss aluminum, we press the metal against a design die and stamp a pattern onto the surface.  Currently we have effects like driftwood, rustic cedar, and seville.

Shop for Your Aluminum Trim With ADM

We at ADM have been creating aluminum extrusions for over 40 years. We’ve managed to stay in business for almost half a century because we make your needs our top priority.  We ship to any country, customize orders, work through the creation process with you.

For any shape, any design, any quantity, shop with ADM.

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