Introducing SwimMirror: High-Strength Pool Mirrors for Assessing Swim Techniques

Jul 20, 2016Company News

SwimMirrors will quickly become a serious swimmer’s best accessory and an essential training tool for coaches. The high-strength aluminum design lays flat and sturdy at the bottom of a pool so swimmers can self-assess their strokes and make necessary improvements in real-time or immediately implement coaching instructions.

“The SwimMirror has made a big difference in the way I am able to teach and train my swim team,” said M. McGinty from SouthWest Aquatics in Orlando, Florida. “My swimmers are now able to see and understand their form and adjust to improve their speed and agility in the water. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to improve their swim training and teaching methods.”

Benefits of SwimMirror include:

  • Instant stroke feedback
  • Durable, shatter-proof aluminum
  • Simple installation and upkeep

The durable mirrors can be placed from end to end of a pool lane or used singularly with stationary swimming tools (harness, snorkel, etc.) for continuous and complete technique assessment.

Installing SwimMirror is simple: just place the durable mirror on bottom of your pool and it’s ready to be used. The upkeep is just as easy—simply rinse with water and air dry.

Enhance swim training one stroke at a time with the all-new SwimMirror. For more information about SwimMirror or to place an order, click here.