3 Key Benefits of Using Aluminum Extrusions

Jan 12, 2015Company News

Project managers face countless decisions in the process of building construction. One of the most important decisions to ensuring a structure’s quality and strength is the choice of metals used. If you are choosing between aluminum, steel or a specialty metal building materials you should consider these three key benefits to utilizing aluminum extrusions.

1. Versatile Customization of Design

The biggest benefit of aluminum extrusions is versatility. No matter the project size or specification, there is an extrusion that can meet your job’s need.

Custom aluminum extrusions are an integral element in the manufacturing of machinery, products and structural frames. Through a process where a cross section is designed and then pushed through a die, aluminum extrusion profiles can be fabricated using specific tolerances, sizes and shapes defined by your project needs.

2. Favorable Strength to Weight Ratio

Aluminum is often a preferred building material because of the balance of these two main attributes:

  • Its strength is comparable to that of steel
  • Its weight is 1/3 than that of steel

When using aluminum extrusion, the metal’s high quality of strength remains intact, but its weight is minimized even further due to the extrusion process. You no longer have to compromise the quality of the metal you use to comply with your project’s weight specifications. With aluminum extrusions you can deliver a better finished product without the excess weight of steel on your foundation.

3. Excellent Conductor for Heating and Cooling

Sensitivity to temperature needs to be considered when choosing the metal you use. Depending on your project type, it may be essential that your materials are good conductors of heat or cold. For optimal heating and cooling ability, copper is a top choice. However, it is incredibly expensive. Many projects lack the budget for copper and need a less costly alternative that can still perform, which is where aluminum extrusions come in.

The properties of extruded aluminum enable it to conduct both hot and cold temperatures. This makes it an ideal, cost-saving solution for use in:

  • Radiators
  • Air conditioning units
  • Walk-in refrigerators
  • Ovens
  • And more

The metals you choose have lasting impact on the strength, longevity and quality of your finished construction project. Aluminum extrusions have been fabricated, processed and delivered by American Douglas Metals since 1976. We can produce custom aluminum extrusions to meet precise specifications, including cut-to-length and wide rectangular or wide round extrusions. Additionally, we offer a variety of fabrication, processing and finishing for metals such as aluminum, steel and brass at all of our locations.

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