3 Things to Think About When Purchasing Aluminum Extrusions

Dec 12, 2012Company News

The aluminum extrusion market is large and diversified, as the need for these extrusion profiles spans across hundreds of industries and sectors.The search process for a supplier can be taxing, especially with those who are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of aluminum extrusions. Regardless of your business situation and knowledge of the extrusion industry, there are three characteristics which you should look for to find the right extrusion supplier.


The shipping process of aluminum extrusions can be costly, especially with large orders and no manufacturing site close to your business. This makes finding a manufacturing center within reasonable distance of your company very important. Investing money in extrusions can be expensive and the last thing you want to do is add unnecessary shipping costs to the bottom line.

With a close manufacturer, you can not only cut unwanted costs, but also get better service options throughout the process. ADM is home to three main locations and representatives in 11 different cities, giving customers in multiple regions better service, decreased total costs and quicker turnaround.


For most aluminum and steel products, buying in bulk is usually not a cheap undertaking. Finding affordability in the product is important to look for, especially when you’re making a long-term investment in aluminum extrusion profiles.

Finding something affordable is not just about looking for the lowest price, it’s about doing your research and not overpaying for the level of quality you’re receiving. There are plenty of aluminum extrusion manufacturers who adapt their process to provide a quality product at a good price. ADM uses our CNC machining center, which allows for drilling, countersinking, milling, tapping and deburring in one step.  Not only does this process cut costs, but it decreases the likelihood of production delays.


Getting quality products is the bottom line no matter what you’re buying, including aluminum extrusions. Look for proof in the work and find a manufacturer that has a track record of providing reliable extrusions for a variety of industries and shapes.

You’ll want to make sure the supplier you choose offers customizable options. Having a state-of-the-art machining center allows ADM to not only make affordable products, but also provide aluminum extrusion options fit for the needs of numerous industries.

ADM has strong industry experience and longevity in developing custom aluminum extrusions, as well as other aluminum and steel products. Contact us to get more information on our custom products today.