Transformer Manufacturers Look to Reputable Component Providers as Solution for Increased Efficiency in Time-Sensitive Projects

May 31, 2012Company News

American Douglas Metals Assists Transformer Constructors who Value Reliability and Delivery Speed in Electricity Transfer Accessory Production

Orlando, FL – American Douglas Metals (ADM), a leader in metal distribution, processing and fabrication for commercial and industrial applications, is supplying Strip Aluminum as a component of distribution transformers used to serve electricity across cities, states and countries.

As distribution transformers deliver the final electric power conversion to homes, businesses and industrial properties, the manufacturers of these necessary products realize the factors of success in the industry—quick and reliable delivery of their transformer’s key components.

To better serve its customers, ADM stocks 1350 EC Strip Aluminum for faster delivery to their clients, in comparison to what could take up to six weeks of delivery from a company ordering from a producing mill or a mill directly.

Recently taking advantage of ADM’s commitment to this industry, Moloney Electric was awarded a five-year contract with Hydro One through their timely distribution of transformers, enabling Moloney Electric’s transformers to service the entire province of Ontario, Canada.

While the need for quickly completed projects rise to fill demands of various countries’ infrastructure growth, powerful and efficient distribution transformers are vital to companies’ profitability—reinforcing the requirements of timely order fulfillment.

“The 1350 EC Strip Aluminum is an integral part of every distribution transformer, acting as a crucial transformer winding to reduce voltage usage, increase production and save the company money and energy,” says Jeff Raimonde, Vice President of Marketing for American Douglas Metals. “We supply this key component in a timely fashion so our customers can avoid production delays based on unnecessary wait times associated with order fulfillment.”

With ADM’s commitment of the production and stocking of Strip Aluminum, its industry partners can expect high quality service and express shipping with the benefits and advantages of working with a trusted metals supplier. ADM is proud to provide specialized information about their products through dedication and expertise in the field of metal manufacturing.

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American Douglas Metals (ADM) is a leader in metal distribution, processing and fabrication for commercial and industrial applications with three locations throughout the United States — Orlando, FL, Buffalo, NY, and Atlanta, GA. As a premier manufacturer and processor of aluminum and steel, ADM offers more than 300 years of combined experience in the metals industry, playing a vital role in the processing and supply of metal products for top industries in the U.S.

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