Presidential Campaign Trail Hits Businesses in Central Florida for Key-State Meet and Greet

Jan 31, 2012Company News

Mitt Romney Visits Orlando Headquarters of All-American Company, American Douglas Metals

Orlando, FL – American Douglas Metals (ADM), a leader in metal distribution, processing and fabrication for commercial and industrial applications, was recently paid a visit from GOP Candidate Mitt Romney and his team on their campaign trail to obtain the Republican Party Nomination.

On his trek to visit businesses throughout Florida and the country, Mitt Romney chose American Douglas Metals as a place to share his views on the country at a company facility that upholds strong principles on American industry, job creation and family background.

Visiting the factory, getting to know the company and meeting the staff and advocates who came out to show their support for the campaign, Romney responded to the State of the Union Address from President Obama and spoke about healthcare, taxes and most relevantly to ADM—U.S. industry, manufacturing and jobs.

“Being recognized as a strong American company by a potential Presidential Candidate is truly flattering,” says Vice President of Marketing at ADM, Jeff Raimonde. “It is an honor to host Governor Romney and his team at our facility and great to showcase what ADM has done for this country through innovation, technology and the creation of jobs.”

Family owned since 1976, ADM has been able to thrive over the years and experience growth in a time of recession. Holding true to the values of hard work and dedication in the industry, ADM has been able to support expansion efforts at 3 locations throughout the U.S. over the last 35 years.