What New Technology at American Douglas Metals Means to its Industry Partners

Nov 14, 2011Company News

Four Axis Tekna CNC Machining Center Allows for Greater Productivity Levels.

Keeping on top of industry technology, American Douglas Metals prides itself on remaining competitive in the metals market. Knowing the importance of staying current with the newest machinery and the favorable effects it has on consumers, ADM sees these machinery investments as ways to increase production, speed and customer satisfaction.

Their recent purchase of the four axis CNC Machining Center not only ensures quicker turnaround time, but also provides more accurate and cost effective fabrication solutions—ensuring higher customer fulfillment rates across the country.

It is vital for ADM to manufacture its quality products utilizing premium equipment and machinery to produce the most dependable outcomes. With the use of the new CNC Machining Center, ADM has the ability to dramatically improve efficiency on work that involves fabrication on more than one surface of the extrusion—as opposed to the previous three axis Tekna CNC Machining Center.

American Douglas Metals is pleased to offer added value to consumers with the help of the new four axis Tekna CNC Machining Center. For more information on our new Machining Center and American Douglas Metals, please visit https://americandouglasmetals.com/cnc-machining-center/