Leading Metal Processing Company Invests in New Technology to Meet Consumer Demands

Nov 2, 2011Company News

American Douglas Metals’ State-of-the-Art CNC Machining Center to Exceed Industry Standards

(Orlando, FLORIDA) — American Douglas Metals (ADM), a leader in metal distribution, processing and fabrication for commercial and industrial applications, is investing in efficiency-enhancing technology to create a competitive advantage in the worldwide demand for quality metal.

A leader in fabricated aluminum extrusions, ADM has made an investment in technology through the purchase of a four axis Tekna CNC Machining Center—allowing for the fabrication of aluminum extrusions in sizes that cannot be housed by the preceding three axis version.

Allowing for fabrication on more than one surface on materials at a time, ADM’s new CNC Machining Center results in less wasted time and effort during the production process—making for a smooth production process through increased efficiency.

“It is important to us at American Douglas Metals to stay on top of industry technology with investments in machinery,” says Vice President Marketing of ADM, Jeff Raimonde. “Increasing efficiency in our facilities is top priority to continually enhance our customer’s experience through our quality products, timely delivery and competitive prices.”

Offering more accurate and effective fabrication solutions, ADM works to improve its production processes while maintaining its core ideals of timely delivery and quality products to industry partners.

At a time when most metal manufacturers have opted for a frugal strategy, ADM has been an industry leader by expanding its product lines and offerings on a regular basis—keeping in mind the best interests of its valued customers to ensure satisfaction throughout its manufacturers around the country.