American aluminum and steel production challenges Chinese-made metals with cost-effective alternatives

If you are a U.S. manufacturer who is currently doing business with Chinese metal companies, you may want to reassess your options.

Industries whose products rely heavily on manufactured metals often look for ways to reduce costs and improve margins. Whether you are in the business of construction, trucking, or furniture, this is something that is agreed upon by all.

Recent U.S. Government ruling outcomes are contributing positively/negatively to the American economy due to the increased import costs of Chinese metals to the States, thus encouraging U.S. companies to shop within our borders—rather than outsourcing supplies procurement to another country. This sounds great for domestic companies, but other factors exist with these decisions.

Increased production in the metals industry not only secures more jobs domestically, but also fuels technological advances that can increase production. At the same time, it can also lower costs for metal materials in industries that use aluminum and steel products on a regular basis. Although it’s bad news for manufacturers in China, these tariff issues create new opportunity for businesses locally.

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