U.S. Tariffs on Chinese Imports Brings Metal Production Domestic

Jul 8, 2011Company News

Orlando-Based Metal Industry Leader has Prepared for Repercussions of Government’s Antidumping Measures

(Orlando, FLORIDA) — American Douglas Metals, a leader in metal distribution, processing and fabrication for commercial and industrial applications, has uncovered increased opportunity in the industrial metal marketplace as a result of domestic impact of tariffs on China’s metal product imports– an industry that more than tripled between 2006 and 2008.

Prepared for increased production, American Douglas Metals has equipped its staff to assist with growth factors, upholding their customer service and production standards at a time when government decisions have motivated an influx of domestic manufacturing.

“At ADM, we have always strived to set the bar high when it comes to customer service and timely order fulfillment,” says Vice President of Marketing, Jeff Raimonde. “With an emphasis on customer satisfaction, actions were made to align with the outcome of the Chinese tariff rulings, upholding these standards of which ADM’s reputation is based upon.”

Aluminum extrusion tariffs are just one of the many products imported by Chinese production facilities being affected by the antidumping measures put in place by American Officials. With other taxed items from China including tires, chickens, and cars, the tariffs give opportunity to domestic companies to regain global market share.

“With the aluminum extrusion business on the incline, we understand the importance of staying informed of trends, keeping a smooth flow of production during industry fluctuations to better serve our clients,” added Raimonde. “American Douglas Metals understands this necessity of close relationships with our partners, ensuring success for both parties.”

Demand for aluminum, steel and metal processing services is expected to continue increasing as the effects of the tariffs run their course and create hurdles for Chinese manufacturers—thus strengthening the position of domestic metal companies such as American Douglas Metals.

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