AD Case on Aluminum Extrusions from China Advances

Jan 28, 2011Company News

The International Trade Administration has made an affirmative preliminary determination in its antidumping duty investigation of aluminum extrusions from China. As a result, the ITA will instruct U.S. Customs and Border Protection to collect cash deposits or bonds equal to the weighted-average dumping margins, adjusted as appropriate for export subsidies found in the companion countervailing duty investigation. The ITA has established a preliminary dumping margin of 59.31% for all Chinese producers and exporters.

The merchandise covered by this investigation consists of shapes and forms produced via an extrusion process of aluminum alloys. The major alloying elements are manganese, magnesium and silicon. These products are generally used in construction applications and are incorporated into window and door frames and sills, gutters and solar power frames. They also serve as parts for cars and trucks, structural and decorative elements on boats, and furniture parts as well as in a variety of other consumer and industrial goods. The subject goods are classifiable under HTSUS 7604.21.0000, 7604.29.1000, 7604.29.3010, 7604.29.3050, 7604.29.5030, 7604.29.5060, 7608.20.0030, 7608.20.0090, 7610.10, 7610.90, 7615.19, 7615.20 and 7616.99.
The ITA is currently scheduled to make its final AD duty determination in January 2011. If this determination is affirmative and the International Trade Commission makes a final affirmative AD injury determination, the ITA will issue an AD duty order.

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