Prelim AD Margin of 59.31%, One Entity’s Cash Deposit Rate Adjusted

Nov 15, 2010Company News

The ITA has determined that Chinese producers/exporters have sold aluminum extrusions in the U.S. at less than fair value, finding an AD duty margin of 59.31%.

Mandatory respondent Guang Ya Aluminum Industries Co., Ltd., Foshan Guangcheng Aluminum Co., Ltd., Guang Ya Aluminum Industries (Hong Kong) Ltd., and Kong Ah International Company Limited (collectively, Guang Ya Group); Zhaoqing New Zhongya Aluminum Co., Ltd., Zhongya Shaped Aluminum HK Holding Ltd, and Karlton Aluminum Company Ltd. (collectively, New Zhongya) and Xinya Aluminum & Stainless Steel Product Co., Ltd. (Xinya), all three referred to as Guang Ya Group/New Zhongya/Xinya, have been collapsed for purposes of the preliminary determination and collectively will be assigned the single AD margin of 59.31%.

However, Guang Ya Group/New Zhongya/Xinya will have a preliminary AD duty cash deposit/bond rate of 59.07%, due to an adjustment for export subsidies found in the companion CV duty investigation.

Twenty-nine additional Chinese producers/exporters qualified for a separate AD duty cash deposit/bond rate of 59.31%.

All other Chinese producers/exporters will be subject to the China-wide entity’s preliminary AD duty cash deposit/bond rate of 59.31% (including Zhaoqing Asia Aluminum Factory Co. Ltd. (ZAA)).